Mar 10, 2011

living in Ile-de-France

I have recently, well not so recently moved to France. In the beginning of February I moved to France to study at the University of Cergy-Pontoise for a semester. This of course is one of the reasons of my silence on this blog. Another reason is that I did not see the point of having a blog once again.

Well today I checked the statistics and despite the fact that my blog has been dead for more than a month I still got some visitors, which was very nice to see. Unfortunately One day I was in a bad mood and deleted all the pictures from my google account so my blog right now is not too colorful, but I will tryí to compensate those, who do visit this site with pictures in the future.

So I am living in Ile-de-France now. This is practically greater Paris, historically the first territory that kings of France got hold of. Nowadays it is home to more then 11 million people, who live in and around Paris. I have so far had the pleasure to meet some wonderful and some less wonderful people here.

Église de la Madeleine as seen from the top of the Printemps departement store 
I am sorry to say also that many of the stereotypes concerning France are very much true. It is horribly bureaucratic with the administration being very slow in all fields of life. It is also true that most french people don't speak foreign languages or don't want to. This has of course had a positive effect on my french language skills. Of course positive stereotypes have also been true much to my delight all that is said about french gastronomy seems to be true and of course Paris is simply beautiful.