Apr 1, 2011

What is Slovakia thinking?

I have not written in a long time even though their were plenty happenings on the international scene. (Japan, Lybia and other arabic countries) I changed my mind because today I read an article on a Hungarian online news site, which wrote about the debate on the Minority Languages Act in Slovakia.

I was and still am outraged by what some Slovakian politicians are saying. It is for me simply ridiculous to accuse Hungary of having plans to annex southern Slovakia. According to english language Slovakian news site Slota a radicalist in Slovakia said that the Slovak parliament was no longer a Slovak intstitution. He said these in connection with the Minority Language Act which will now allow the use of minority languages in public places where 15 % of the population belongs to a minority.

Robert Fico former prime minister of Slovakia

Robert Fico former prime minister wants a special session of the Slovakian parliament in order to adopt an official viewpoint on Hungary's policy towards Slovakia. He said that "we see that someone is cleaning their weapons under our fence, but we are doing nothing". He also remarked that Slovakia should use all its possibilities within the EU and NATO in this matter.

What I truly do not understand is why noone informs Mr. Fico of the fact that minority languages and that their protection is a value and priority in Europe and within the EU. I find also quite interesting that after so many years, decades you can still gain political votes by saying be afraid of the Hungarians they are going to attack us. I believe that these politics are harmful and very evil because they try to divide the people, who are obviously not each others enemies.

The idea behind a united Europe is to have peace between its nations and to prosper side by side. Both Slovakia and Hungary are part of the same European family of countries. History can not be reversed and changed so why not focus on the future. I do not think Hungary should annex any of its lost territories because simply that idea is outdated. As a responsible country in the 21st century Hungary should  try to (and I believe is trying to) follow an external policy that fights for the rights of the Hungarian nationals living on its lost territories. Their are many possibilities to ensure rights to these minorities and many good examples in Europe that are to be followed. One way is to ensure diffirent rights and another the most complex way is to ensure autonomy for the minorities. I believe it is up to Slovakia to decide which path it takes and it is up to Hungary to support Slovakia in all policies that ensure the Hungarian nationals living in Slovakia wider ranges of rights.