Dec 5, 2010

Study time

I am sorry for the inactivity of this blog, but unfortunately I have exams coming up and studying for these exams is my focus right now.

I will share photos of my recent visit to Osijek, Croatia soon. In advance I would just like to tell You how amazing and beautiful that city is. It is the fourth largest city in Croatia and it is quite far away from the famous Croatian seaside. It is a city with great history and fantastic architecture with splendid baroque and art nouveau buildings.

What is definitely a sad fact about the city is that it has always been shattered by wars throughout history. The most recent one of course being the Croatian War of Independence between 1991 and 1995. Some of the buildings still bare on them the sad memories of this war. Despite of this (or because of this) the city has a special atmosphere with its many parks and treelined avenues.

All right....back to studying....

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