Mar 7, 2012

Putin again

Putin won the elections on the 4th of March. He has now become the president of the Russain Federation for a third time. He won with a large majority. He will be the president for six years to come.

Some say this is the beginning of the end of the Putin era. Truly there might be signs of a new poltical force on the rising, but let us not forget that these forces are weak and as I am aware mainly only in existence in the major urban areas of Russia. For now I am most certain that Putin has not much to fear.

It also goes without saying that he has seen the Arab spring and perhaps learnt from it. I know of course that Russia is not a totally undemocratic state, but it does have democratic deficits. The president in Russia has very strong constitutional competences some them shared with the Federal Assembly, but out of the two houses of the assembly only the State Duma is elected directly.

We have six exciting years ahead of us to talk about Putin's role in Russia and on the world stage. For us Europeans Russia is a key partner because we are srtongly dependent on eahc other economically especially within the energy sector. Once again the question might rise is economic and political stability more important than the democratic, political values and views on human rights?

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