Jan 6, 2011

How international is the EU?

The question might seem simple or even stupid, but believe me it is not.

The EU is of course an international organization, a regional international organization the organization of the European region. The EU is at the same time not just the international forum, a cooperative force of the European continent it is also a player on the international soccer field.

This little introduction might be abstract, but it is quite relevant in the question of international affairs and in my opinion also because of the relevance of affairs.

My example is Hungary. Hungary is in the news all over Europe because of three things:
- taking over the presidency in the Council of the EU for the first half of 2011
- 13 leading companies complain about new taxation
and most importantly because of the new media law.

I would't like to go into detail in any of these subjects what I would like to underline the fact that these subjects have been exploited and written about throughout the European newspapers and online forums.
They have been also mentioned in some leading papers in the USA, but truly I believe that these matters on an international scale are totally irrelevant.

I do not think that the EU and USA realtions are going to be affected by internal media regulations in Hungary. So my concern here is the following is it possible that we are seeing a two faced EU external policy or rather a is there such great level of diffirence between the EU member states that while the smallest moves in the great economies of the EU make headlines in the world some member states (the smaller ones) are disappearing in the shadow of the EU and they are the true states that are represented by an EU external affairs service?

Is their going to be the UK, French, German and the EU policy? Will this clear procedure be shown in the new world order of a changing UN Security Council? Or will the great economies of the EU give up part of their sovereignty and come to the support of the little ones? And if so will that mean that there will be a well functioning EU represented not only on state dinners, but also in the state media of China?

too many questions....

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