Jan 11, 2011

Wines of diplomacy - the Bussay winery

The Bussay winery is a small winery that was founded as a hobby of general practioner dr. med. László Bussay. The winery consist of about 20 acres of vineyards, but despite the size of the winery their wines are excellent.

László Bussay (
One of the most special things about this winery in my opinion is how it has proven that a winery from the Zala wine region can not only make good wines, but can also well respected by vintners of more famous and internationally recognized wine regions of Hungary such as Tokaj, Eger and Villány. The winery is at the Hungarian border of both Slovenia and Croatia.

The philosophy of the winery is to follow traditional methods and so they use 1000-1200 liter oak barrels to mature the wines. They bottle all of their wines which are sold throughout Hungary and also on location where there is possibility of a wine tasting.

Their top wine:
Esküvé This wine is blend of Riesling and Rhine Riesling in a 60 to 40 % ratio. The grapes are harvested with high sugar points and after spending time in the oak barrels the wine has a great full-bodied flavour.

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