Nov 28, 2011

EU-US Summit

An EU-US Summit took place in Washington D.C., leaders of the world's largest economy (EU) and second largest (USA) namely Barack Obama President of the USA, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton repsented the USA and the EU was repesented by Herman van Rompuy President of the European Council, José Manuel Barroso President of the European Commission and High Representative Catherine Ashton. They touched upon a wide range of topics from economics to climate change and even Tymoshenko's trial in the Ukraine. It is very obvious from the joint statement that they did not have desire to comment upon Palestine jointly, which is probably the only major global political issue not mentioned in the joint statement. Then again we know that the Member States of the EU cannot agree among themselves on the subject, which is probably the resonin behind it. It is also very interesting that the parties praise themselves as the largest aid donors when also in connection to Palestine the USA cut funding from UNESCO.
Here are some links on the Summit: 

This is a link to the joint EU-US statement after the EU-US Summit in Washington D.C.:

About the agenda of EU-US Summits:

Finally an interview with EU ambassador to the USA before the summit:

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