Nov 13, 2011

New Europeanism

This week and also last week in my head the main topic in Europe wa truly the future of the EU and that of the continent. Now that the Greek and the Italian prime ministers are gone and that the austerity measures have been accepted in those countries Germany and possibly France (but mainly Germany) won in terms of economic policy decisions. All that has happened was influenced mostly by Merkel's policy and that of the Frankfurt Group. So let us say there is some stabilization now or not.

In my view the crisis is much much deeper and as Merkel said it could take a decade to sort things out, but I think it also requires extensive change. I am not sure that a Guy Verhofstadt type of federal Europe is what we are reaching in for. In my last post I said that the EU was practically a federation and in many aspects this is true. Of course two very important factors are excluded the military factor and the the foreign policy factor.

I think that the EU must be responsible for the young generation. I am not sure that our generation (under 30) those, who I call 'New Europeans' like the EU, or in fact supports its policies, but I think that is because in our adulthood the EU has been in constant crisis. Despite the general political thoughts of this generation it is important to take into account that it is a generation that socialized with the internet around, with Schengen in place and the Euro as a currency. You can't leave these thoughts out of site. The Western Europeans haven't experienced a life without Schengen and those of us from the 2004 enlargement don't know what its like to wait for a passport or simply to live behind the iron curtain.

Lisbon might have solved technical difficulties in the working mechanisms of a large organization, but is it not time in this deep crisis to start thinking of a way forward that also includes the citizens, the youth the 'New Europeans'. I am sure that the steps taken by the Frankfurt Group were necessary and they help now, but it might just be that a small group of people determining not only fiscal policies of Member States, but also the fate of governments is exactly what most citizens find offending and hateful about EU.

New steps 'New Europeanism' is what we need. Let us have then a European government (not that the Commission is not a cabinet practically). If Merkel and Sarkozy now what they want with the EU with other Member States then they should campaign at the next EP elections, gain votes for their parties and be nominated for the post of the head of the Commission. I urge them to do so! Let us then play clearly not with informal Frankfurt Groups, but with real leadership. Use Lisbon! Or be brave enough and convince your nation that the EU Constitution is needed and ratify it! I call for 'New Europeanism'! For the sake of the 'New European' generation!   

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