Nov 11, 2011

Two-tier EU nightmares?

The week when everyone is talking about a Eurozone and an EU that should stay united and the week when at the same time everyone is mentioning a two tier Europe.

In my view that is probably the worst of all cases. It is hard to adjust economic to political and social needs, but in my view in Europe the integration process must not fall apart and a two tier Eurozone would mean just that. When creating the Community there wwas a momentum after the Second World War with a rare opportunity in Europe to solidify peace and to build economies that can be once again on the top of the world. There was an economic success driving integration and it was this success that countries signed up for.

It is without no doubt that a new momentum arrived at the end of the eighties when the chance came to reunite Europe. Let us have no doubt that Germany as the strongest European economy always had a special power-broker role and that Maastricht and the creation of the European Union with the pillar system were consequences of German reunification and that those reforms were not only meant for the 12 then member states, but were already a preparation the enlargements of the mid-2000s.

Premature is a word I might use for the European Constitution a document that never entered into force. It is the end of the momentum right then and there. In my view it would have been a necessary step, but it was a mistake doing it when the enlargement was not yet done. I am of course aware of the fact that politicians and experts from candidate countries participated in the process, but it is on a social level on the level of people that it was not a correct process. I think EU citizens felt left out. Lisbon is no better, in fact it is worse because it does the changes necessary without having the guts of naming them. The High Representative is a foreign minister without calling her that or not and a regulation is a European Act without calling it that or not. I am writing about this reform process because when we talk of the current crisis of Europe we have to understand that this crisis the economic one just topped the political one.

The current crisis and a two tier Eurozone I believe is the worst and most dangerous thing that could happen. It is practically a matter of principle and now is one of the times that principles go before money because the Euro is the only true symbol of the European integration. It was the symbol of the economic strength of Europe and it must stay because without the Euro the EU is over, its minimal social backing will disappear.

Just a week ago George Soros said at CEU in Hungary that the Euro is here to stay and I couldn't agree more. It is now truly the question if the Euro that is here to stay will be the Euro that is the symbol of a new economic iron curtain or the true symbol of European federation of states, which the EU is wether you name it or "Lisbon" it.

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